Chicken Run

Posted Jul 5, 2019 - 11:46am

By Kyle Dinwiddie, PRC-Saltillo Blogger


Chicken Run

Have you ever wondered about those things you see on the side of the road?  How did they get there?  And what becomes of them?  If only things could talk, we would probably hear some interesting stories.

My mom is quick to notice these things along the road.  She has found several things: a loaf of bread, a pair of shoes, and a nice jacket, which we still have.  I remember one time when we were going to the Kansas City zoo; she spotted a small cooler along the side of the highway.  After rescuing it, she discovered someone’s lunch packed inside.  But the most memorable thing we found along the side of the road was a chicken!

We were all heading toward Versailles for my brother to audition for a play, when my mom exclaims, “Is that a chicken?”  At which we all looked out the window as we drove past.  And sure enough, there was a chicken pecking around on the side of the road.  “If that chicken is still there when we come back through, I'm going to stop,” my mom announces. 

And believe it or not, after several hours that chicken was still there.  It was just happily pecking around along the side of the road. 

My mom stops and sends out my dad and brother to fetch it; however, this was NO easy feat!  This clever chicken wasn't going down without a fight.  It ran this way and that way, but my dad and brother didn't give up.  After some time the poor little chicken sat down panting like a dog.  My brother quickly scoops the bird up and brings it to the van. 

Then my dad went from house to house asking if anyone had lost a chicken.  Apparently, no one had, so we adopted the bird into our family.  I was very young when this whole adventure took place.  I hadn’t ever seen a chicken up close before, and now I was face to face with this strange looking creature.  I was very curious, but when my brother brought it close to me, it pecked me.  This made me really scared of it.

After a few weeks, we discovered that our chicken was a rooster!  My dad named him, Einstein because my dad thought he was very smart.  Einstein would come and knock on our patio door when he wanted food.  You could see him looking inside and if he saw anyone, he would peck on the glass.  He always stayed close to the house.  And he was a part of our family for several years.

Many times God blesses you, even when you don’t ask for it, like a free lunch or a free chicken.

This is Life with Kyle and I will talk to you next week.

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