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Hannah Foley grew up in the Chicago suburbs and graduated from Lockport Township High School in 2016.  Currently attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Hannah is a Communication major with intentions of completing her Assistive Technology Certification at the University of Illinois at Chicago after completing her undergraduate degree. 

Hannah is a member of Illini Service Dogs, a student-run nonprofit organization which trains mobility service dogs for individuals with physical disabilities across the United States.  She has been a teaching assistant and mentor to students with physical disabilities for Beckwith Residential Support Services at the University of Illinois. 

Hannah has had several positions as a mentor to others who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) across the United States and has held numerous jobs within the AAC field. Hannah also guest-lectures in university-level courses. 

Most recently, she was the Product & Service Development Intern at PRC-Saltillo.  Hannah is thrilled to be continuing her time at PRC-Saltillo as an Ambassador, educating professionals in the AAC field about products and services, as well as working with those who use AAC to increase their confidence and personal growth. 

She is passionate about increasing AAC users' confidence and fostering personal growth, so that they can have increased opportunities for success in education, employment, and beyond.

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