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My name is Chloe Mae Wayt. I was born in 2005 & am 14 years old. Because of my traumatic birth and delivery, I was born blue and not breathing-with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. About three years later, I was officially diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Because of this disability, some things are more difficult for me, but I’ve learned to adapt and excel! Come hear my presentation to hear about my life experiences, passions & plans and dreams for the future!

I can't verbalize very much, so I write on my iPad, and talk with my NovaChat communication device. I am an ambassador representative for the Saltillo Brand Company, the augmentative and alternative communication device company that developed my device.

When I was asked to be an ambassador, I reluctant at first, but when I went to Closing the Gap last year, I had a blast! Since then I have gone to ATIA and was a presenter at the First Steps Camp at Easter Seals in Georgetown, Colorado.

 I live in Colorado with my parents, Jessica Wayt and Ryan Wayt, and my two younger siblings, Kelsie and Samuel. I love my job as an ambassador and hope to continue it until I graduate college. Then, I hope to get jobs as an animator for Disney and an astronaut for NASA, and maybe continue my ambassadorship. I also hope to do some ranching and equestrian care someday. I love art and writing and hope to be a professional in both of them. I love dancing, gymnastics, volleyball, and swimming and hope to compete in them in Special Olympics along with track and field. I do Challenger Baseball, a softball/baseball program for boys and girls with disabilities. I hope to compete in dance, writing, art, animation, and piano next year for my church in Fine Arts. I am slowly adding to my list of passions as I grow!

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