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Make the Earth

All Levels

All Levels
Use Single Words


Students use coffee filters and markers to make the earth.


 What you need:

  • coffee filter
  • water soluable markers
  • construction paper
  • spray bottle with water

 What to do:

Model a variety of language regarding Earth Day for the student.  Have them direct the activity as you go along.  If they are not sure what to say, model some examples and ask them to try again.  

Get on coffee filter and spread it out flat on a table or use a piece of paper underneath in case the ink bleeds through.  

Have the student choose colors that will represent the earth.  

Take those markers and color all over the filter to show the colors on the earth.  

Spray the filter with water getting it wet, but not saturated.  

Let the filter sit and dry for about 20 minutes.  The ink from the markers should slowly spread out and cover the filter.  

Attach the "earth" the student made to the top of a piece of construction paper.  You can make sure the student gets to choose the color and direct you where they want the earth attached.  

You can then use the rest of the paper to add words, phrases, or sentences telling about  Earth Day.  

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